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The COVID-19 pandemic, the challenge of the explosion of tuberculosis (TB) cases, the potential for an increase in COPD and asthma patients, as well as the influence of pollution and other carcinogens as triggers of lung cancer and other lung diseases pose a threat to human civilization. More appropriate and sustainable strategies are needed to detect and reduce various health threats in the respiratory sector in the future.

To improve knowledge in the field of respiratory and pulmonary diseases for health workers, especially in developing various diagnostic and therapeutic approaches from conventional systems to personalization, the East Java branch of the PDPI (Perhimpunan Dokter Paru Indonesia) has the responsibility to oversee the achievement of these goals.

The concrete steps taken are by holding workshops and symposiums in the PIR (Pertemuan Ilmiah Respirologi) Surabaya 2022 with the theme "The Next Breath: Directing The Future of Lung Health".

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